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Zero-G 4001-50 Review

If we research with the hose purchasers, it automatically and overwhelmingly indicates a preference for the hoses which offer lightweight, and easy handling, they are kink-resistant, and of course, they have lasting performance. The zero-G advanced hose design takes these must-haves to a much higher level than ever before. The Tru Flex Inner Core of this hose prevents unwanted kinking and remains flexible even in cold weather up to 35 Degrees.

The G-Force High-density Jacket gives you extreme durability which is equal to the commercial-grade hoses. It has 600+ PSI burst rated. The zero-G features newly designed, commercial-grade, and ergonomic, couplings for a much long-lasting performance, it has leak-free attachments. The Crushproof attachments up to 900 lbs. It is also free of lead and is safe for the Drinking of Water. The Zero-G is Proudly Assembled in the USA. It is basically engineered with you in the mind, your ease and convenience matter. It is an avid home gardener with high frequency and or rigorous use.

Zero-G 4001-50 Review

The Zero-G hose can be used for all the lawn and garden applications as well as for the light professional needs such as filling of the containers, the mixing of concrete as well as for cleaning of various things. Zero-G can be used with the most standard hose reels. We have prepared a list of the best garden hoses if you want to see more products from different brands.

The Water will keep flowing even when the hose is not fully extended from the hose reel. You can easily drain water from zero-G for the shortage and then easily wind the product into Hose Reel.
All the materials used to manufacture the zero-G are not resistant to lawn fertilizers as well as gasoline. It is 50% Lighter in Weight which means portability is not a problem, it also assures an effortless handling. It has a kink-free and uninterrupted flow. It is very easy to store and is very small and compact.

The tough and strongly made G-Force woven fiber jacket resists all the leaks, the abrasion as well as the punctures. It is 600+ psi burst rated. It is a very consistent hose and has a high flow equal to a conventional 5/8inch hose. It is flexible and easy to maneuver even in the cold weather down to 35°F. It is free of lead-Free. Also, it is drinking Water Safe. This hose is Assembled in the USA with top-quality products made with keeping you and your ease in mind.

Overall this is an amazing hose especially made for your ease and comfort which comes as the foremost thing in terms of garden hoses. We would definitely recommend this product. Until next time with another product. We’re signing off.

  • It is made to keep you in mind
  • It is resistant to the abrasions and cuts and has an amazing quality finer jacket
  • It is light weighted and can be carried easily wherever you go
  • It has minor leaking issues

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