Shark Rotator Pro Lift Away Review

There is no way you can’t fall in love with the Shark rotator pro since the vacuum offers so much it is the master in versatility and that is exactly what it is famous around the globe for. It comes with so many tools and so many attachments that you will never be disappointed, all you have to do is mention a place and the brush will be right there. Read the full Shark Rotator Review and see what it can do.

Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Review

This vacuum is a perfect one for both daily and occasional use, whether you are doing the normal clean up or the thorough one, it will be an excellent and a reliable companion. The build quality is great and so is the intuitive design since it is so mind-blowing, you can’t resist but love it. As compared to the other models in the same class, it will never disappoint you with its surpass performance. It has a lot to prove to its users and claims to clean better than any other vacuums in its line. Wow!

Shark Rotator Pro Lift Away Review

The Design:

The vacuum looks perfectly fine and unlike others out there, it does not try to boost its design and appear top notch rather it is very simple and elegant. It is a glossy white machine with red highlighted centers. This simple design it features does not at all does affect the features or the build quality of this vacuum since it is made strongly and packed with a lot of components. The wand is simple but very easy to manage with a sleek and shiny look you can move it in any direction you like. You can even carry the vacuum around hence making it portable but only in Canister Mode. If you expect from this model around its price which is about $200 then you will not be disappointed. However, in case if you want a much bigger quality vacuum then you can get one with a much higher price since it will have elite features to offer, want a vacuum doing a lot more in the range of $200 then there is no better option than the Shark Rotator Pro.

The Features:

Moving to the features, Shark deserves the highest ratings in this price category according to us. You just can’t imagine to get better than this guy, especially when you consider both the price and the value. Using Shark as an upright model, it has that pivot like head and headlights, along with it also comes a wand accessory like the other models and a suction adjustment to help make things easier and easier.

To clean all the edgy and resistant corners, you can use the flexible crevice adjustment to the wand and watch it clean hard surfaces or clothes since it is specially made for this purpose.

You can use the straight suction floor nozzle for the purpose of vacuuming the things that are either big or small from bare floors and area rugs.

The power brush can be used effectively to vacuum the pet hair as well as dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.

The vacuum can also switch from both upright and a canister vacuum so you can carry it around anywhere when you are using the cleaning wand, or even set it to the top of canister caddy, which keeps rolling around when you are in wand mode.

The bin is large enough to contain all the dust to give you a hassle free and a comfortable cleaning time since we all hate hassles in the middle of the work. It makes sure it keeps you away from that discomfort. It is very easy to take the bin out and then put it back in its place.

The Good:

  • To convert a vacuum from upright to canister could never have been this easy or even set the canister on the caddy, or to extend the wand and add different brush attachments.
  • If you want a vacuum and do not want to spend an extra buck and also get all the amazing services for a small price, then this vacuum will do the job for you since it is very versatile in its functions and has a lot to offer.
  • You never have to worry about getting a perfect attachment since this vacuum includes a solution attachment for each and every one of them. Name one and its there, just stick it in and you are good to go.
  • The bin is easy to take out and put back; it also offers a lot of space to give you a hassle-free cleaning time
  • Enjoy clean carpet surfaces with the Shark Rotator NV 501.
  • It is very easy to manage.
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Perfect for houses with pets since it is very effective in cleaning pet hair.

The Bad:

  • If all the parts of the vacuum are not scattered and were into one place it would be much better because often there is a risk of losing them, if you are responsible enough to take care of them then you are good to go.
  • It gets quite difficult to move it on stairs as we all know cleaning them is not an easy job.


For the price that it offers, this is a lot more than a vacuum, and one should definitely be getting this one since it is so versatile and has amazing features as well as a very good performance, it stands out among other competitor models and also has an amazing build quality. Once you get it, you will know what you got for sure.

This was all we had to say about the Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum. We hope that you had enough to learn from our article since we work really hard to bring you the best products in the market. Getting the thing, you want these days is quite a difficult task and our team works to make it easy for you. Let us know if there’s anything on your mind since we love feedback from our visitors. Until next time. Peace.

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