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Shark NV356e Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark NV356e Vacuum Cleaner[Detailed Review]

To choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home, you need to make sure you get enough power for all those typical cleaning jobs and the type of attachments and accessories that make vacuuming quite a better experience. The biggest benefit that the Shark NV356E possibly holds is its extreme attachment and versatility as well as its superior engine power that consumers care about.

Experience the overwhelming performance by the Shark NV356e vacuum cleaner review which is extremely light in weight and has two in one functions, which is also an upright and a very adjustable vacuum since it is very easy to handle. Need something comfy to hold in your hand while you clean? Shark does it the job very well. It is lightweight also allows people to take it wherever they like hence making it the best option in terms of portability.

Shark NV356e Vacuum Cleaner Review

It also features a detachable canister for a much portable command while cleaning things up and carrying. Push a button to life the canister away and enjoy cleaning all the small round edgy corners of the house without any hesitation. This vacuum is completely sealed and also has a HEPA filtration system, which features a new technology cleaning with complete trapping of the dust and the allergens thus giving you a much fresh environment to breathe in. A brush roll shut off button is also included so you can easily switch between different surfaces like the carpet and the bare floor. It also includes an attachment for Hard Floors to pick up debris and dust your bare floors. It has a unique way of cleaning things off; this vacuum is also recommended for all types of floors since it is so efficient with cleaning. It is also best suitable for houses with pets since they are very gentle and effective in cleaning pet hair both from off the carpet or the skin thus making things a lot more easier.

Offering you so much, you will definitely love this amazing vacuum for its effective cleaning technology and its style since it has top-notch things to offer for the price.

 Shark NV356e Vacuum Cleaner Review


  • Lift, it Away anywhere you like.
  • Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas.
  • It works perfectly on “hard floors hence it is the Hard Floor Hero”.
  • It efficiently picks up all the litter on the surface and stuck on debris, providing superior bare floor cleaning.
  • It includes an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology as well as HEPA filters that trap 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Shark NV356E Incorporates the HEPA filtering technology which means you will have an environment free of dust and other allergens. Hurray!
  • Brush roll Shutoff. Deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning.
  • This vacuum Includes:
    • hard floor Hero,
    • Pet Power Brush,
    • Dusting Brush
    • 8-inch Crevice Tool
    • Either of the hard floor or microfiber may be included
  • It includes a hard floor tool which is full of microfiber pad to clean off the finest of dust from your hard flooring
  • The Swivel steering makes easy maneuvering around the furniture
  • It also includes a gentle brush roller for the use on hard floors so they can be cleaned
  • The specialized pet tools for the efficient cleaning of pet hair is one of the best things this one can do.
  • It also has a five-year warranty if you buy it from an authentic source.
  • It is efficiently used on the carpet
  • Picked up the pet hair very perfectly when tested.
  • It is very good at removing dust particles from upright surfaces.
  • Gives you a very easy using experience, clean things off easily and perfectly.
  • The noise on this vacuum is in control
  • It is made with top notch products to give you a class product.
  • Extremely light weight thus making it easy to carry around while cleaning things up.
  • This vacuum is also portable, which means you can carry it around anywhere without the fear of damage due to heavy weight.
  • Includes HEPA filters to help clean the fine dust particles and allergens from all across.
  • If you want a vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets then this guy is perfect for you, though it can clean any surface be it curtains, sofas, marbles, carpets etc.
  • It also includes the never loss suction technology for better vacuuming. Most vacuums lose their suction energy with time but this one stays the same.

  • While many users loved the quality, design and working of this machine others complained about it being a little heavy and having a less preferred design.
  • It gets a little hard to clean the stairs up with this one.
  • It can be quite rough on high pile carpets.

Conclusion of Shark NV356e Vacuum Cleaner Review

To have a vacuum-packed with such amazing abilities and a powerful system in this price range is really good. It not only offers cleaning up of every type of surface, it is also packed with different tools to bring you to ease in cleaning. The wand of the vacuum is made specially to clean with ease. Though it can be a bit rough on the carpets, it is unexplainably well on rugs and other furry things. The bagless technology empties very easily and very quickly. If you are looking for a solid multi-purpose vacuum, then this is the right vacuum for you.

This was all about the Shark NV356e Smart and a high-quality Vacuum. We do our level best to bring our readers the best and updated gadgets in the market to help them choose the right product according to their preferences. We hope that our article was fun and you got the information you needed from it. Let us know if you have any queries and we would be more than glad to help. Until next time. Peace!

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