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Seagate Backup Plus VS Seagate Expansion

Comparison Between Seagate Expansion and Seagate Backup

Buying hard drives is most of the time frightening to its frequent buyers. There is a list of innovations to select from and each has its own merits as well as demerits. The selection of Seagate Backup Plus VS Seagate Expansion is the same way intimidating. Because both are solid performers and have distinctive pros whether it comes to cost or advanced features. The Backup Plus has a plethora to offer, while on the other hand, the Expansion is also worth mentioning.

Seagate Backup Plus VS Seagate Expansion

Seagate Backup Plus VS Seagate Expansion

What Seagate Backup Plus holds for you? :

It supports a 500 GB to 4 TB storage capacity, which in turn allows you to keep your mandatory data applications and digital library safe. Also, because of its Backup Plus’ 640 Mbps external data transfer rate, it enables you to read and write your ‘never to be missed’ data. The Backup Plus has a USB 3.0 interface system which lets you connect with all sorts of other compatible devices.

What Seagate Expansion holds for you? :

However, the Seagate Expansion owns a 320 GB to 4 TB storage capacity, which is a bumper prize! Moreover, with the Expansion’s 5400 RPM rotation speed, now you can load your favorite games in no time. Also, you can save your time searching through files via its 16 MB buffer size. Just like the former one, it has a 640 Mbps external data transfer rate so that you can enjoy fast access to huge data and the Expansion’s USB 3.0 interface system assuring connectivity with other devices.

Comparison of Seagate Backup Plus VS Seagate Expansion:

Below we have provided a comparison between Seagate Backup Plus and Seagate Expansion on a similarities and dissimilarities basis mentioning both their features and performance. Both are well-matched in some aspects yet deviating in others. In the end, you would not go wrong with your decision.



Similarities among them are clearly detailed under:


Both the Seagate Expansion and Seagate Backup Plus have the same brand that is ‘Seagate.’


Just like their brand name they have the exact brand_enum, i.e. ‘Seagate.’

Form Factor:

They have the same Form Factor that is ‘3.5” and 2.5”’.

Hard Drive Type:

Both of the products have the same Hard Drive Type that is HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Moreover, both are portable as well.

Hard Drives Enclosure:

The Hard Drives Enclosure of both the products is ‘External.’


Some of the major dissimilarities between Seagate Backup Plus and Seagate Expansion are as follows:


Seagate Backup Plus has the height-range of “6.22 in, 1.73 in., 1.7 in and 0.57 in”.

However, the height range of Seagate Expansion is a bit vast comparatively: 5.04 in.; 4.5 in.; 1.6 in.; 1.57 in.; 1.52 in.; 1.5 in.; 1.1 in.; 0.71in.; 0.7 in.; 0.69 in.


The weight of Seagate Backup Plus: 2.38 lbs; 0.44 lbs.

The weight of Seagate Expansion: 2.74 lbs; 2.73 lbs; 2.25 lbs; 2.2 lbs; 2.06 lbs; 0.68 lbs; 0.59 lbs; 0.35 lbs.


The former has a model: Backup Plus.

The latter one has a model: Expansion.

Hard Drive Capacity:

The Hard Drive Capacity of both of the products differs greatly in the range stated as:

This is the Hard Drive Capacity of Seagate Backup Plus: 500 GB; 4 TB; 3 TB; 1 TB.

This is the Hard Drive Capacity of Seagate Expansion: 750 GB; 640 GB; 500 GB; 4 TB; 320 GB; 3 TB; 2 TB; 1.5 TB; 1 TB.


The width of Seagate Backup Plus ranges as: 4.9 in.; 4.88 in.; 4.86 in.

While the width range of Seagate Expansion is quite broad: 5.56 in.; 5.4 in.; 5 in.; 4.96 in.; 4.6 in.; 3.51 in.; 3.3 in.; 3.15 in.


Similarly, the depth of both products also has a difference on its range basis:

The depth of Seagate Backup Plus:
6.2 in.; 3.19 in.; 1.73 in.; 1.7 in.

The depth of Seagate Expansion: 8.2 in.; 8.19 in.; 8.15 in.; 8.1 in.; 7.1 in.; 6 in.; 5.56 in.; 5.51 in.; 3.2 in.; 3.15 in.; 0.87 in.

External Data Transfer Rate:

Variation among the two products on External Data Transfer Rate base also exists.

For the Seagate Backup Plus, External Data Transfer Rate: 640 Mbps; 60 Mbps.

For the Seagate Expansion, External Data Transfer Rate: 640 Mbps; 60 Mbps; 480 Mbps.

Bonus Software:

Seagate Expansion does not come with Bonus Software. However, Seagate Backup Plus has it. It also has 200GB free OneDrive cloud storage space for at least two years. This proves to be helpful if you want to store or back up your data at any other place for safety.

Advanced features:

Now below are some of the advanced features which are not specified for Seagate Backup Plus, therefore, making Seagate Expansion superior over Seagate Backup Plus.

  • Buffer Size: 8 MB; 64 MB; 16 MB.
  • Spindle Speed: 7200 RPM; 5400 RPM.
  • Average Latency:56 ms
  • Hot Swap: Yes it has it.
  • Package Quantity: 1

No, there is no major difference in the performance of two. In terms of high speed as well as average speed both are equal. With a maximum external data rate transfer of 640 Mbps, both of them are certainly quite fast.

Final Verdict:

Keeping in mind both the above products and their provided detail, choosing the cheapest is good especially considering the similar performance, which in this case is Seagate Expansion. However, if you are looking for the bonus software, simply switch to Seagate Backup Plus. But let me tell you, it is something you can download and install yourself. If this is not crucial for you, pick Seagate Expansion! It is more compact (contrary to its name :p), easy to be bought and stored.

This is all about the comparison of Seagate Backup Plus VS Seagate Expansion. Here you go and choose whichever best suits you! Also, let us know about your decision and in case if you come up with any problem! Your comment would be highly appreciated!

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