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Samsung SSD 850 Pro Review

Samsung SSD Pro is a top notched storage device due to it high end performance with incredible speed and endurance with a limited warranty of 5 years.

Product Review : Samsung SSD 850 Pro The Samsung SSD 850 Pro is the new flagship consumer SSD by Samsung and is a follow up of the wildly popular 840 Pro, which, as we all know, was one of the best SSDs concerning the performance that you could buy back when it launched in September 2012.

The Samsung SSD 850 Pro gives us many reasons to be excited about it. This guy is the first SSD on the market, which uses the new 3D vertical NAND, V NAND, flash memory for top-notch performance, and super high endurance. It also comes with a 10-year warranty. Among other features, it also has a rapid mode that further makes its performance better. Adding more to it, this guy is one of the very first drives you can find in the all-new 2TB capacity.

 To talk in general, the SSDs are all faster than regular hard drives in many terms, the performance gaps in between them are minimal to the users.

Product Review: Samsung SSD 850 Pro

This new flagship SSD from Samsung is a high-end drive that is specially designed to bring out the best performance; let’s pay tribute to the latest technology coming up.

Samsung is successfully able to install a large number of transistors in the least space possible and allowing users to have a vast and faster capacity at their disposal.

Design and Performance: 

Let’s leave the small change from an orange logo to a red one and look at the 850 Pro’s product packaging and the metallic shell of the drive that looks the same as the older model. The dimensions it has are quite identical, which include a height of 6.8mm, thus ensuring that it will fit into the smallest of laptops. Also, it has a similar diamond cut fresh edge.

Similarly, this drive is still based on a 2-bit MLC NAND flash memory. However, it is not the way as it seems since Samsung has given it a few boosting enhancements to increase the performance. The MEX controller has also received a 100 MHz jump in the speed now to 400 MHz, but leaving it all behind is the new headline feature which is 3D V NAND flash memory which is the latest proprietary 3D technology introduced by Samsung where the memory chips are layered both vertically and horizontally.

With the decrease in the size of the flash memory cells, the SSD makers are facing the same problems the semiconductor industry is facing. The cells are now microscopic, brought down to the size of about 1 nm.

It’s probably the entire industry will eventually adopt 3D flash, but Samsung has clearly left all the competitors on the market with a working product in hand. This vertical approach evidently shows that Samsung controls every inch of its products, thus making it easier for the firm to introduce performance-boosting enhancements and custom technologies.

Samsung reports that the 512GB 850 Pro can give 550MB/s sequential read speeds and 520MB/s sequential write speeds, which is one of the best seen in the market.

Samsung 850 Pro performance is not just hype; it is actually the best in the market.

According to the website, it is the fastest Solid-State Disk they have ever seen to date, and believe me, impressing that site this much into admitting that 850 Pro is the best means this beast is for real. This is a result of tests conducted at more than 33000 individual user machines. Also, 850 Pro outranks 850 Evo by 10% in Peak Lab Bench tests. Your investment in this SSD is going to guarantee an improvement in speed and energy consumption.

Samsung SSD 850 Pro Features:

  • Performs up to 550 megabytes per second, MBps.
  • Random read and write input/output operations per second (IOPS) are almost 100,000 and 90,000 each.
  • Its top-notch performance enables you to boot up your computer within 15 seconds
  • It features a Device Sleep mode for ultra-Notebooks and also improves battery life by up to 45 minutes vs. standard hard drives.
  • Worry-free data security with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Microsoft BitLocker and TCG / Opal 2.0 support
  • It contains 100% genuine Samsung components from the number one memory manufacturer in the world.
  • Enhanced endurance and reliability are ensured.
  • It is powered by Samsung’s cut edge 3D V-NAND technology; the NAND flash memory gives a top-notch read and writes performance for both sequential and random workloads.
  • Performance to die for
  • Endurance is very very high
  • The 2TB capacity is the best so far on the market
  • One of the best consumer drives on the market.
  • It comes with many useful features like encryption etc.
  • This device performs many functions like offering everyday SSD maintenance tasks like firmware updating and secure erase, which removes your data and restores performance to almost factory levels.
  • Build quality is high
  • It is very reliable
  • Samsung currently gives the best performance and the highest capacity as well as the longest warranty time presently available on the market. It is especially great for those people who regularly need to write a vast amount of data to their internal drive.
  • The 850 PRO includes Dynamic Thermal Guard protection, which sustains performance while minimizing the risk of overheating.
  • Consumption is more
  • Naturally, when it comes to dependency on the capacities, this Samsung 850 Pro drive is one of the most expensive drives among other standard SSDs. It currently costs $98, $152, $255, $489 and $1,000 for 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB respectively which is about £63 to £640 as well as AU$128 to AU$1,310.


This was all about the Samsung SSD 850 Drive; we hope that you found our article informative and in your best interest. These days there are many drives out there which is why selection becomes severe, this product is one of the best ones in the market, and we recommend it. Let us know if you have any queries; we would be more than glad to help. Until next time, Peace out!

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