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Insta360 Air Camera Review

Shooting Photos and videos over a camera should be a fun thing to do, which is why Insta360 brings you a whole new level of fun with an experience like never before. Insta360 Air Camera Review

If you are looking for immersive detail and want to feel the whole surroundings, 360-degree photography is the answer. With the advancement in VR equipment, an image or video captured with the 360-degree camera gives you the feeling of being in that moment at that place at the same time. The breathtaking sceneries, or the feel of an ancient building, the detail of what was going on in an event at that specific moment on each side, is simply awesome.

This Insta360 Air camera is a smartphone add-on that beautifully transforms your device into a 360-degree camera. It comes with live stream function and has the capacity to capture beautiful pictures and videos.

Insta360 Air Camera Review

The Insta360 Air is almost the size and shape of a golf ball. The spherical camera has two lenses on each side, and also a USB connector underneath. When not in use, it slips into a circle shield for protection. It is made of high quality. It is so small you can keep it in your pocket or a bag and take it anywhere with you.

This camera has a lightweight of 26.5gms and comes with a protective rubber case to attach to your smartphone. You can attach it either to a micro USB or a TYPE C port.

Using this camera is a very easy process, just plug it into your phone via any of the ports and you will see the camera App launch itself. Use it to take high-quality pictures and high-definition videos. While shooting, you can apply different effects using the pre-configured filters or adjust the exposure according to your taste.

Sharing options are found in variety so capture anything you want and share it right away from the app without any complication. Hurray!!

Picture Quality:

Pictures in still image mode are captured by the Insta360 Air with a size of 3008 x 1504 pixels. With this being said, images will show a good color and a perfect exposure, the stitching algorithm which adds up the two halves of the images does a pretty awesome job as well. Minor ghosting can be visible very rarely, but otherwise, images taken in good light are relatively free of any imperfections.

You can also export your images to a “tiny planet” format, yes you do get an option to do that. You can adjust the radius by pinch zooming in the picture.

The camera also has a perfect concept of dealing with interior lighting situations hence giving you a perfect image that you longed for.

The camera’s white balance effect deals perfectly well with many different sources of lightning and the image detail is also not much reduced from outdoor images. There is no EXIF-data reported, however, the shutter speeds are fast enough to eliminate the motion blur in indoor scenes. Upon taking the picture, you can adjust the effects.

Video Quality

The video made with the Insta Air 360 is recorded in 2560 x 1280 video resolution. Also with some phones, the 3008 x 1504 pixels can be achieved. They are perfect for social media sites. The camera also has the option to record a 960p video option which will save you some space in your phone’s storage, but the detail on the footage will be reduced in case you are okay with that, you are good to go.

The Insta360 Air’s footage looks a lot stable, even when it was captured by hand from a fast-moving bike.

The camera is also capable of capturing a usable exposure even at night though it might be a little blurry. You also get the option of sharing the video in a tiny planet format which is perfect.


  • It is compatible with Android phones
  • It supports dual fisheye lenses
  • Has an excellent aperture of F2.4
  • The still image resolution is 3008 x 1504 (3K)
  • 2560 x 1280 video resolution (3008 x 1504 with some smartphones)
  • 30 frames per second
  • Real-time stitching
  • Has a diameter of 37.6mm / 1.48
  • Weighs 26.5 grams
  • It is available with a micro USB or Type C connector
  • Perfect camera App launch.
  • Nothing like a traditional camera app.
  • Very versatile in its functions.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Comes in a very affordable choice for people throughout the world.
  • This 360-degree camera opens up a whole new world of 360-degree photography to give you a refresh experience in
  • Its 4K video recording quality makes it a perfect choice.
  • It has amazing 24-megapixel stills
  • The camera is very simple to use “flying camera” mode.
  • The free capture editing mode is fun
  • Competitively less priced
  • It contains limited features for editing app.
  • The file sizes are very massive.
  • Grainy image sometimes at night
  • No battery included, direct portability

Insta360 Air Camera Review Conclusion:

The Insta360 if, you see has a lot of features included in it, it is much more like a package.

It is one of the most affordable 360-degree cameras out there in the market, and it also perfectly integrates with your Android.

It is ready to shoot its magic just a few moments after plugging it into your phone and what’s best is that it does not even require a microSD card as it is using your device’s built-in storage. The small dimensions mean you can always carry it with you and inside its rubber carrying case, the camera is well protected.

Overall, the Insta360 Air is a perfect addition to the world of 360-degree cameras since it offers a good variety of features and functions to play with. Starting with $129 doesn’t break your bank as well. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our article and you got the information you needed from it. Let us know if we can be of any help to you. Thank You for investing your time in our review article.

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