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Dyson VS Miele [Review & Comparison]

Dyson VS Miele Review and Comparison

Choosing the best vacuum for your place is quite a hard job, especially because it is concerned with cleaning things up and c’mon I mean we all want things cleaned up really nice. Choosing a vacuum according to your preferences when facing confusion is what comparison articles really are for. Today’s article is a review article between Dyson and Miele, the vacuums which come first when we talk comparisons between vacuums, both of these vacuums are very competent and very powerful in working. Deciding between them is the toughest choice and that is why we are here to help out. Remember that in the end, it all depends upon what you prefer since these two vacuums are completely different in working and in style, we would, therefore, advise you to choose the one best for your home or workplace, etc.

The main difference between both these vacuums is that Miele deals with canister type of vacuums mostly whereas Dyson mostly is an upright vacuum builder. Dyson produces bagless vacuums and does not require any filters. Miele, on the other hand, does not produce bagless. Miele, as said, does not produce bagless vacuums and is less acceptable towards new ideas and designs.

Dyson is very flexible and responsive to many other new technologies and designs. It mainly focuses on delivering the user a much durable product in a limited amount. Dyson has many types of vacuums as compared to Miele, Miele also puts its main focus on hospital grade filters and an advanced brushroll mechanism. Both the companies make products that target different types of individuals which makes the comparison even complex. However, we will do our best to give you the right things to consider. Our Review focuses on the type of vacuum, motor technology, power efficiency, dust storage mechanism.

Dyson VS Miele

Dyson VS Miele Review and Comparison


Dyson Vs Miele: Upright or Canister

The type of vacuum you want is deeply connected to the type of cleaning you want it to. Since we all know that dragging any upright vacuum up into the stairs, becomes quite difficult because of their heavyweight. An upright vacuum is 20 lbs. on average while the canister vacuum is 13 lbs. However, Dyson’s upright vacuums can be easily moved around from one room to another room. These vacuums are very easy to roll and clean with.

Miele canister vacuums are very easy to roll under the sofas or any tricky and small surfaces very easily; they also have controls in their handle for better and easier control.

Dyson Vs. Miele: Bag Or Bagless

In terms of checking out which vacuum is better with the bagless or bag function. The Dyson bagless vacuums are more efficient with the cost and everything, you need not to worry about having bags and since you will have no bags, you do not even need to worry about the suction every time. There is no loss of speed or power as the cleaners fill up.

One of the things that is annoying about the bagless vacuums is that they send back the dust while cleaning things up and that could create huge problems for people who are prone to dust or asthma or any other allergies. Filters also require to be cleaned once every month which means more effort is demanded and only after drying up can you put them back into the vacuum.

In this sense, Miele offers a baggy technology hence trapping all those small dust particles up and giving you a free environment to breathe in. It can also save up to 8 lbs. of dirt in a 1.18-gallon bag, so you do not have to do the unwilling effort of bag cleaning as often. These bags are especially designed to trap almost 99.5 percent of all the dirt and also allows the dust to remain inside the container hence stopping it from spreading into all the working parts of the vacuum. HEPA Filters are also included to give you a free environment to breathe in.

Dyson Vs Miele: Handheld/Stick Tools

When it comes to producing handheld and stick vacuums, Dyson is the best producer, their V6 model was loved by many people over the last year and so many people thus own them. Miele, however, does not concentrate on this side of the vacuum manufacturing.

Dyson Vs. Miele: The Robotic Vacuum Cleaners:

Another interesting thing to see is that both these companies are featuring robotic vacuum cleaners. Both manufacturers have begun their long-awaited journey. RX1 Scout was produced by Miele whose second generation RX1 Scout Red is coming out soon. Dyson on the other side, is almost about to release the long-awaited 360 Eye robot and we are hoping that it will be a long-awaited success as well.

The 360 eye seems to perform a lot better than the RX1 Scout. We mean Miele still has to do better work on their cliff sensors, their power management algorithms and their connectivity on a smartphone.

The 360 Eye also has downsized, for instance it’s taller, meaning it can’t go in some places, it’s much noisier, the battery also depletes much faster and lastly, it costs twice the price of a RX1 Scout Red. Despite of that, robotic vacuum cleaners have fans and lovers that are inclined to pay more for the efficiency, so Dyson also is the best in this course.


In the short, Dyson wins the battle since it has a lot to offer. The HEPA filters incorporated in it gives you a very clean environment to breathe in. Which is why we recommend our users to purchase this product, it also includes a lot of tools and latest technologies to improve user experience and give you a very pleasant time while cleaning. Pet hair can also be cleaned efficiently with the Dyson range of vacuums as well as hard edgy corners where it is hard to clean. There is no reason why one should not be purchasing the Dyson range immediately.

This was all about the comparison between Dyson and Miele. We hope you liked our comparison article since we work really hard to bring you the best products in the market. Let us know if you have any questions and we would be more than glad to help. Until next time, with a new article, Adios.

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