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Dyson v8 Absolute Review

Wanna know what we love about the Dyson v8? well, what can we say, the product is so versatile in its functions that loving every bit of it becomes obligatory. The Dyson v8 supports a variety of amazing features with a double power every time, looks like Dyson has been listening to all the reviews and thus made a vacuum so high in power and strength.

The bin cleaning has become easier and easier with time as each model came out from Dyson. On the Dyson v8, you will experience a very easy process of bin emptying. It’s as easy as eating a pie. Apparently, the Dyson v8 has surpassed all the previous Dyson models both in functions, in portability and ease of use by which we mean that it comes with all the tools you have imagined including an amazing Soft Roller and a hard floor head, two more powered brush heads and some detail cleaning tools.

Dyson has also improved the filtration of this vacuum and introduced a cyclone like technology to make things much more easier and deliver a much easier vacuuming experience. Most particles get stuck in the middle of the vacuum parts which is why cleaning becomes less efficient but with the cyclone technology particles are less likely to get trapped thus giving you a smooth and hassle-free experience.  You will also experience a minimal noise unlike other vacuums thus giving you peace of mind while cleaning up.

Easily and comfortably clean your stairs, upholstery, curtains, sofas carpets, marble or any other harsh surfaces with the Dyson v8 absolute and enjoy a top-notch cleaning experience.

Dyson v8 Absolute Review

 Dyson v8 Absolute


Similarly, like the v6, v8 absolute looks the same. It is quite difficult to recognize each since they both look exactly like twins, but if one looks closely and has the experience, they will find small but very big differences.

The power switch in v6 has moved to the top in v8 which was much needed for both ease and comfort.

The battery pack has also become a bit heavier than the v6 and has more power to deliver a long-lasting cleaning experience. The bin has also become quite larger in its diameter and so has the rear “twist to remove filter” to accommodate more debris and give you that hassle-free clean.

Both the handle and the trigger still are positioned between the motor housing pack the Dyson features, thus giving a near balanced and easier handling.

Another main difference far away from notice is how the bin is emptied? There was a bit of a hurdle in emptying some of the dust. However, in v8 the clip is efficient. Also, the cyclone like technology does not allow the dust to stick to the basket.


  • It is free of cords.
  • The whole v8 is designed to be Hassle free.
  • It offers the most powerful suction
  • Provides up to 40 minutes of powerful suction.
  • It releases the trigger very instantly.
  • Battery power is only used when cleaning.
  • The vacuum should be charged for a minimum of 4 hours before being functional.
  • Whole machine HEPA filtration captures the allergens and expels a lot more cleaner air than the air you breathe
  • It is powered by the Dyson digital motor, thus creating the most powerful cordless vacuum
  • Recommended surface for this vacuum type is the multiple surface.
  • The direct drive cleaner head makes sure that the bristles are driven deeper into the carpet to remove the dirt it also supports a 150% more brush power than the previous Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.
  • It is extremely easy to operate this vacuum.
  • It has a better cleaning power than many of the other vacuums.
  • The bin emptying is very much enhanced and improved, all you have to do is push the button and carry the bin out to empty it out.
  • Air filtration is much more improved and has a new mechanism like “”
  • Lightweight and cordless which means the portability is more, all you have to do is turn it on wherever and whenever you like.
  • The HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels a much cleaner air than the air you breathe.
  • A variety of tools are provided for every case and every situation so you can clean those small resistant corners.
  • The battery life is much improved and better for hassle-free
  • The soft roller it supports is hard on all the resistant surfaces.
  • Battery time is an issue to handle in some cases, especially when on full power.
  • V8 is a bit heavier than the v6, but it delivers the best experience on the market in comparison with any cordless vacuum.
  • The vacuum heats up occasionally when used constantly. It is best to take small gaps in between


Well, guys, this was all about the review on the Dyson v8 absolute vacuum cleaner. There is a lot to deliver when it comes to this specific vacuum and a lot to be surprised and excited for as well, not only is it best for you daily household chores; it also renders a surpass performance in deep cleaning as well as efficient pet cleaning. It is one of a kind of those vacuums which will give you a lot for quite an affordable price. Thanks to Dyson things keep getting better and much stronger hence they are more loved by the users as well. Dyson v8 has crossed all the previous Dyson vacuums in its functions and abilities, and we do recommend it.

We hope that you found our article full of information since we work really hard to show you the best gadgets in the market so you can have an idea about what to get. If there is anything on your mind or you have any queries, let us know, we would be more than glad to have feedback from our visitors. Until next time with a new article, Adios

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