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Drinking Water Safe Polyurethane Garden Hose Review

The Elle drinking water safe garden hose is a durable garden hose which is resistant to abrasion, cuts, puncture as well as it is resistant to wear.Drinking Water Safe Polyurethane Garden Hose Review

Made in the USA with top quality products and care. It is also very lightweight and resistant to kinks. This garden hose drinking water safe. It is rated up to 150 PSI and -40°F to 165°F. This is a crushproof, lead-free brass fitting and an Industry Leading garden hose with almost 10 Years NO LEAK Warranty.

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The fittings on the Eley polyurethane garden hose have the most advanced features and top-notch benefits which include an innovative full flow crimping. The fittings are also formed from drinking water safe and lead-free material made of brass, both of these fittings also boast a commercial duty and a design that is fully crushproof.

Drinking Water Safe Polyurethane Garden Hose Review

The inner tube and outer cover of this garden hose are made from an incredibly durable polyurethane material. The top-notch properties of the polyurethane deliver the unseen levels of strength and durability. Eley polyurethane has the most strong material used to make the inline roller blade wheel and it is 3 times stronger than most of the leading garden hoses on the market. Yet, it remains flexible even down to almost -40°F.

This hose is reinforced with the high tensile threads that are woven into a chainmail armour pattern to deliver not only a superior burst of strength but they are more kink resistant as well. When a loop forms in the hose, the Eley polyurethane hose tends to flip out of the loop rather than collapsing down into a kink. You can also manually kink it, but it can also be done by knowing that it has a zero kink memory, it will not kink in the same place over and over again. We have prepared a list of best garden hoses if you want to see more products by different brands.

Overall this hose is amazing, it is portable and lightweight, it does the job quite right and has a crush-proof body. This hose is entirely made of superfine products. Since it is resistant to kinks and will not leave any trails over the surfaces. Overall this product is one of the best garden hoses on the market to clean all your basic home things with besides the mainly garden grooming.

  • This is a Lightweight, flexible and a kink resistant garden hose with a suprass performance.
  • The build quality of this garden hose is amazing, it is made with super fine products from Eley.
  • It is a non marking hose and will not leave the annoying type of trails across floors or the surfaces.
  • This hose has an industry leading warranty of almost 10 Years.
  • It is a crush proof garden hose and has platingsade with nickel Platings.
  • This hose costs a little more than the normal hoses but it is worth the price.
  • It is a little hard to be pointed in right
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