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Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review

Coleman Red Canyon Features and Pros/Cons

This Coleman Red Canyon Eight Camping Tent Review explains every detail about Coleman Red Canyon Eight Camping Tent.

Measuring 17- feet by 10-feet, Coleman’s Red Canyon tent is spacious enough to comfortably sleep in eight campers. It is also ideal for weekend camping trips with family and friends, the Red Canyon also features multiple removable privacy walls, allowing you to create up to three separate rooms and sleep much more comfortably and with peace.

This Coleman Red Canyon tent is the perfect answer for all the weekend camping trips for large or medium families/group of friends. It gives you enough room for a comfortable and enjoyable camping adventure!

People camp in solitude very rarely, you always camp with friends and family. This tent will give you the best solution for any group of up to eight people who want assurance and comfort, space, and warmth regardless of time and location. The designers ensured that the Canyon stretched to 17 by 10 feet. Thus making the size sufficient to accommodate eight adults or several children without any difficulty.

Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review (8 Person)

Coleman Red Canyon Eight Camping Tent Review

Inside this tent, there is no risk of suffocation and the discomfort of stuffiness. Size and safety are always parallel to each other in the field of tent designs and this tent sure does take care of that. The advantage of space this tent has, allows the free circulation of air, which allows the occupants to relax and sleep in the utmost comfort.

Furthermore, this tent rises to a height of 72 inches at the center. Thus making sure that any tall person can easily walk around the tent without the discomfort of stomping.
As we all know that the value of tents has shifted significantly from traditional designs that limited most tents towards a simple aim for accommodation. The change in the nature of use has called for further enhancements in the design and style of modern tents for the reasons such as providing much higher privacy to the people inside or partitioning some of the sections for storage etc.

This tent is specially designed with room dividers that divide the tent into three parts or sections/rooms.

Couples can have their private moments or if you are out camping for a prolonged time with dividers you can also spare one room for storing the camping equipment and other clutter that may come up in your time of the expedition. The room dividers make this tent a very convenient choice for family camping as well as for some outreach activities that require campers to maintain certain levels of privacy.

Camping grounds are almost always extremely humid or even worse. Nothing is more distracting on a trip than the displeasure of camping due to the inability to stay warm and dry.

Luckily our Coleman Red Canyon Tent is made with special Weathertec System which will ensure that the campers do not come into contact with the dew or wet surfaces because of the elements. Wet surfaces can severely damage some camping materials and ruin your important activities as well as your mood that is scheduled for the finest moments of the camping trip.

The Coleman Weathertec System works all good for those who want a reliable source of comfort for the entire period of the trip. Notably, this feature lacks in a lot of other tents in the market. Experts have found this system unique and convenient for camping in both humid and cold environments.

Thus, The combined advantages of a warm interior, tough materials, and sample size are in short the defining factors of value in this tent.

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Coleman Red Canyon Tent Features:

  • Camping tent which has a very spacious design and offers enough room for 8 people to sleep comfortably.
  • The Included dividers let you create at least 3 separate rooms for privacy which is perfect.
  • Weather Technology system with patented welded floors and inverted seams keeps you dry
    throughout any weather or time.
  • Measures 17 feet x 10 feet with a 6-feet center height
  • Easy to set up, spread, and then pack away with separate bags that are included for tents, poles, and stakes.
  • Coleman Red Canyon Tent is made with waterproof floor and water-resistant fabric walls.
  • This tent also comes equipped with a 100% waterproof rain fly to ensure your tent stays dry throughout the resting or camping time.
  • Coleman’s exclusive Weathertec System guarantees that the tent will remain dry on the inside.
  • The setup of the tent is easy with its shock-corded poles and very easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system give you room to adjust airflow and access gear.
  • Great for wintertime and rainy season camping.
  • Dry and Warm interior
  • Tough mattress bed
  • Very spacious and suitable for eight people.
  • Separate partitions can be made for extra comfort and privacy
  • Perfect for families going on adventures often
  • Can easily be wrapped up.
  • Very comfortable and spacious on the inside.
  • Carefully stitched with a high build quality which will not be damaged for years
  • It is a success when it comes to the art and design of tent-making especially when it is considered against many traditional and substandard options on the market.
  • Apart from the advantage of accommodating eight campers, this tent allows the occupants to divide it into three separate rooms for increased privacy.
  • The fact that Coleman makes this tent is the top reason to buy it.
  • The Red Canyon does not carry as many doors as other 8 person tents should and this can post a minor inconvenience if it’s full.
  • The tent can set up by a single person, but it can be difficult as the tent has guy lines that take a while to attach.
  • You have to find a much clearer area to set up this tent; the tent being huge requires a huge open space as well.
  • The center poles are quite long and thus may need two people.



When it comes to selecting tents, it really is a hard job because you have to consider so many things. We hope that you learned a great deal from our article. Let us know if you have anything in mind. We would be glad to help. Till then, Adios!

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