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Canon Powershot D 30 Underwater Camera Review

Canon Powershot D 30 Underwater Camera Review and Guide

Canon Powershot D 30 Underwater Camera ReviewIn the league of cameras manufacturing Canon is among the top few. It is leading this field with its excellent cameras, that serve the photography enthusiasts equally. Be it a budget camera or an excellent fashion photography camera, a camera for wild and nature photographers, or the extreme sports fans jumping from the planes or underwater; Canon has them all covered and served well.


Canon has a bunch of models for underwater photography and video recording the Canon Powershot D30 Underwater Camera is one of those. It’s a beautifully designed camera with tons of features that will make your dive and exploration worthwhile and memorable. This baby can go deep without losing any of the picture quality or structural integrity, it is built tough and to last.

Canon Powershot D 30 Underwater Camera Review 

Canon’s PowerShot D30 is a perfect blend of both waterproof and ruggedized compact camera specially designed to compete with the Nikon Coolpix AW120, Olympus Tough TG-3, and Panasonic Lumix FT5 and the Ricoh WG-4 GPS.


To keep pace with these cameras, Canon has made the D30 a lot tougher than the previous D20. It now has the best 25-meter waterproof rating and will survive drops from about two meters. However, the camera’s sensor, the processor and the lens specs remain the same as its predecessor, but the new camera has a slightly low RRP.

This camera will let you dive deeper than all its other rivals, with its surpassed 25-meter depth rating, it is leagues ahead of the competition. The camera has a two-meter shock proofing and -10ºc freeze proof point. However, unlike the Olympus TG-3, Panasonic FT5, Ricoh WG-4, This camera does not support a crush-proof feature.

Design And Performance:

At the heart of this camera is a 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor with the maximum amount of sensitivity.

The 5x optical zoom lens of the previous D 20 has been added to the new Canon Powershot D30 camera and additionally, it features image Stabilization to keep your shots sharp.

The 28mm equivalent wide-angle focal length isn’t the widest in this range, but the 140mm equivalent telephoto it features can get you relatively close to the action.

The GPS location logging is present in the Canon Powershot D30, that way you may forget where the shot was taken but the camera will remember the exact location of the photo or video. Also, the Full HD video recording and a funky Movie Digest mode that will capture a short video clip in conjunction with your images and give you everything in the form of an HD movie.

It has a 3.0-inch, 460k dot LCD screen and an enhanced brightness as well as redesigned, extra grippy casing that helps make the D30 easier to use in extreme environments.

Canon Powershot D 30 Underwater Camera Features:

Even though the D30 is not rated as a crushproof camera, it still feels very solid in hand. At 228g shooting ready camera, it is reassuringly heavy without being a burden.

The rounded plastic corners help you absorb shocks and hide the chips and scratches it has, while the flaps that cover the battery and connection ports are made very nicely and chunky.

They are double locked on waterproof cameras to prevent the sudden opening in case of damage when underwater, but the D30 makes do with a single clip on each. The clip design it has is very secure hence making this camera a perfect choice.

This camera may look similar to the old D20 on the inside, but externally it’s totally transformed. Those small and oddly shaped buttons are now gone and replaced by oversized controls which are accessible very easily when underwater or when wearing gloves.

The old and larger video record button has been moved to a much prominent position on top of the camera, and the shutter release is nice and big as well.

Even though the buttons are enlarged on the rear panel, Canon still has found a room for a large yet a grippy rubber thumb rest in combination with an equally prominent front finger grip. The Canon Powershot D30 gives you the feeling of being more secure than the competition, and it’s not just the feeling this camera is secured.

A camera with action orientation is also in need of a good screen, and the D30 in this feature also does not disappoint.

It is 3-inch 460k-dot specs kind of sound fairly average, but this particular LCD monitor has those perfectly excellent viewing angles for the purpose easy contrast assessment, plus accurate color reproduction. The camera also has a sunlight mode that can bring up the brightness, and through color and contrast accuracy may take a slight hit, the screen still is noticeably easier to see under the harsh lighting.

Many buttons on the camera are used to access different menus, which can be very confusing at the start, but with time you will be comfortable.

A mode dial is not there anymore, the up button on the rear directional pad is used to switch modes, with the center button beneath it especially made to access the frequent settings like exposure compensation, image quality and the self-timer. All other settings can easily be found using the Menu button.

  • The Canon PowerShot D30 has a significant toughness and ergonomic upgrade over its predecessor, the PowerShot D20.
  • It is waterproof up to 820ft
  • Sharp with a zoom lens of up to 5 times
  • Features a slow-motion video mode
  • Also has GPS
  • It has an acceptable image quality bright and a clear screen
  • Very top-notch waterproofing
  • The D30’s underwater feature and its new external design make it one of the most popular and strong cameras on the market.
  • Noisy images
  • No Wifi
  • Shot to shot time is very slow
  • Its 1080p video is limited to 24fps
  • The D30 is always ready to shoot pictures in about one second and does not waste time auto-focusing. In good light, the system may take an instant, but in darker conditions, you will need to wait up to 1.5 seconds for the camera to find that perfect mark.
  • Although the D30 may be capable of focusing down up to 1 cm from a subject, it does not focus at or near this distance as reliably, whether in Auto or Program Auto modes.


Well, folks, this was all about the Canon D 30 in short, it is a very good camera for the price. We hope that you found our article interesting and fun. We worked our level best to give you the right information. Thank You for investing your time in reading our article.

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