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Review of Top 10 Best Camping Tents with Buying Guide

Best Camping Tents 2021 reviewsSelecting and packing up the best camping tent is one of the best ways to enhance safety, comfort, and enjoyment while on adventurous trips.  When you plan your trip and went to the market to buy a camping tent, in a short time you came to know that there are a lot of options. And making a decision could be difficult at that time. While considering a camping tent you must consider many factors among them space, interior space, durability, weather protection, and price are at the top of the list.  Here we have compiled the list of best camping tents you must consider while making a decision to buy. We hope this post will help you a lot in finding the perfect backpacking tent for your trips for years.

Top 10 Best Camping Tents

Name Capacity Interior Height Weather Resistant Weight
REI Co-op Kingdom 6 6 Persons 75 Inches Yes 19 Pounds
Marmot Halo 6 6 Persons 75 Inches Yes 17 Pounds
Coleman Sundome 6 6 Persons 72 Inches Yes 18 Pounds
REI Co-op Base Camp 6 6 Persons 75 Inches Yes 20 Pounds
Kelty Discovery 4 4 Person 58 Inches Yes 4.57 pounds
Eureka Copper Canyon 6 6 Person 84 Inches Yes 11 pounds
Nemo Bungalow 4P 2 Person 60 Inches Yes 10 Pounds
Caddis Rapid 6 6 Person 80 Inches Yes 25 Pounds
Coleman Red Canyon 8 8 Person 72 Inches Yes 22.4 Pounds
Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 6 Persons 67 Inches Yes 18 Pounds

1) REI Co-op Kingdom 6 Person Tent

REI Co-op Kingdom 6 camping tent is tunnel-shaped available with the rain fly that is fully adjustable according to the weather condition. The tent is very suitable for the six persons, and it also consists of two free rooms. These optional rooms let you choose either the full ventilation room or the full privacy room. The tent is very easy to set up and break up. Only one person can handle it very easily. You can easily get in and out of a tent easily as it is quite big in space. There are many other configuration options that you can do as per your needs. To sum up, all the Kingdom 6 is very good with balance size, durability, and many functionalities under the budget price tag. Grab it and add-on more adventure on your trips.

2) Marmot Halo 6 Person Tent

Marmot Halo is 6 person camping tent that offers complete 100 square feet interior space for family and base camping. One of the top priority things are elbow room and the standing height of the tent and in this two factor, there is no match of Marmot Halo 6. The camping tent has outstanding performance in every severe weather conditions. The pole of the camping tent is made up of DAC Aluminum. The tent is very easy to set up and breaks up. One person can easily handle it. It is quite lightweight that’s why very easy to carry in the backpack. This is seamless while raining the water won’t seamed inside the tent and you can enjoy the rainy weather while sitting inside. The large doors of the tent let you in and out comfortable and it consists of 2 doors. To sum up all, it is the best companion of yours in trips.

3) Coleman Sundome 6 Person Camping Tent Review

Yes! This is Coleman Sundome 6 Person best Camping Tent for any family who loves to spend their vacation in camping. This amazing tent has 6 people sleeping space with the standing height of 72 inches. The Sundome is quite light in weight the whole weight of the pack is just 18 pounds. The tent consist of the full mesh roof which we used to get the full view of the night. The tent is fully covered with the rain fly which prevents the water to enter in the tent. In the corners of the tent, the seams are welded in order to prevent the leaky floors. But the thing which stands it out is a ground vent. No doubt this is the best option to consider while buying a camping tent for quality shelter and many other amazing features.

4) REI Co-op Base Camp 6

The REI Co-op Base Camping tent is the best camping tent suitable for 6 persons. The ultimate base camp with the space of everything. The standing height of the base camp is 75 inches which are quite enough for a person having 6 feet height. It is very easy to set up and breaks up the tent, two persons can easily set up this. The tent consists of the giant doors with zippers, you can easily come in and out with ease. It is capable of surviving in every condition. This camping tent is lightweight and it is very easy to carry from one place to another place with ease. The whole weight of the tent is just 20 pounds. To sum up all, this camping product must be at the top of your list when going outside to purchase the tent for camping.

5) The Kelty Discovery 4 Person Camping Tent

The Kelty Discovery 4 person tent is pretty good for a small family and a trip of 4 persons. The interior space is enough for everyone to sleep comfortably. The tent is very easy to set up with just 2 fiberglass poles and a clip-pole system. The standing height of the tent is just 58 inches which are normally good but not enough as compared to the other camping tents. A full fly coverage is used to keep the rain outside your tent and don’t let the water from ruining your camping. You can enjoy the rainy weather while sitting inside the camp. It is very easy to carry backpack anywhere because the whole weight of the packed camping tent is just 10 pounds. Moreover, it can survive in any weather and it designs by keeping in view the 3 camping seasons. The discovery 4 makes the camping real fun and easy.

Product Specifications
Color Grey
Item Weight 4.57 pounds
Material 100% Polyester
Maximum Height 58 inches
Number of Doors 1
Size 4 Person
Special Features Taped Seams
Specific Uses For Product backpacking
Style 4 Person

6) Eureka Copper Canyon 6

The Eureka Copper Canyon 6 is one of the best camping tents due to large interior space and other features. It offers a big room of 100 square feet of cabin style which is ideal for a family or 6 persons and indeed it’s a perfect tent for your holidays. The tent also offered electrical power cord within the tent. The standing height of the tent is 84 inches from the center. The tent is fully fly-covered which won’t let the water come inside the tent. It is very easy to setup and breaks up the Eureka Copper Canyon 6, only two persons can set up this tent with ease. In short, under 300$ camping tents, this is the best choice you can make.

7) Nemo Bungalow

The Nemo Bungalow 4 person camping tent is best for a small family. This tent offers 63 square feet interiors space which is quite enough for 4 people to enjoy a comfortable sleep. The tent has 2 giant doors to access the camp easily. Internally there is space for everything. For headlamps, there are light pockets. The standing height of the tent is 60 inch which is quite good for small family. The package is quite lightweight you can carry it anywhere you want. The whole packed weight is just 10 pounds. The Nemo Bungalow 4P is capable to survive in severe weather conditions. The fly coverage of the tent prevents the water to let it and ruin your trip. This is the best choice for a small family for a backcountry camping.

8) Caddis Rapid 6

Caddis Rapid 6 tent is one of the excellent camping tents with a lot of features. The ultimate feature of this tent is its interior floor area, height and weight. It offers 120 square feet interior floor which is quite big for 6 persons and even though 8 people can easily accommodate in it. The standing height of the tent is 80 inches which are quite enough for good height persons. The whole weight of the packed camping tent including frame is just 25 pounds. It is capable of surviving in very severe conditions. The tent also comprises of the multiple windows for proper ventilation. It also consists of the electrical power cord for charging up equipment. In short, this is the recommended camping tent due to its capacity and also it is feature enriched.

9) Coleman Red Canyon 8

Coleman brand is serving long in the product line of Best Camping Tent. This Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person camping tent is one of the finest camping tents which is offering enough space to accommodate 8 people. It has 170 square feet interior room which capable of accommodating 8 people with comfortable sleep. There is enough space to store bags and other camping gears. Moreover, you will feel protected in severe weather conditions. Even though you won’t hear the whispering of wind for the whole night. The standing height of this camping tent is 72 inches. The whole weight of the packed camping package is 22.4 pounds. You can easily carry it from one place to another place. It also offers private rooms by dividing tent optionally into 3 rooms. This is a preferred choice if you want to spend your holidays in a backcountry camping with a large space to enjoy most of your time in leisure activities.

10) Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

This year if you are planning to do camping under severe weather conditions, then Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 is highly recommended for you. It consists of 2 rooms, one is a large or main room, and another one is small for sleeping. You can remove the partition as per your need and convert the whole tent into the giant room of 92 square feet. It offers a huge front Vestibule and 26 square feet weather-protected storage space and a small vestibule at the rear end for complete coverage. It offers an interior height of 67 inches. The whole weight of the packed tent is 18 pounds, which shows that it is quite lightweight. So, if you are planning mountaineering camping, then Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 is your best companion.

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